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Property Store CRM Feature Highlight 1: Investment Calculator

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Are you a property investor? Are you tired of your using spreadsheets and multiple apps just to evaluate the figures of your property investment? Boy, do we have the software solution for you! Property Store is a Property Management CRM designed by property investors for property investors.

This Feature Highlight Blog will be part of a series of blogs to show you why Property Store is the best Landlord CRM in the market. For this blog post, we will be highlighting what is arguably Property Store's most powerful feature, the Investment Calculator.




What is the Investment Calculator?

The Investment Calculator is a tool in Property Store Property Management CRM. It can be found on the grey menu under Deal Sourcing as shown in the image on the right-hand side.

Grey Menu of Property Store Property Management CRM

And you guessed it, the calculator can be used to conveniently work out all the figures of the deal so that a property investor can make an informed decision on every purchase. The calculator was meant to finally replace all the fancy spreadsheets that landlords are using to stack deals. To find the perfect deal, one needs to comb through hundreds of property listing and as such, it can be an organisational nightmare to track all your spreadsheets for each deal.

With this in mind, the calculator was purposefully designed to be as simple as possible while still being powerful enough to work the key figures of property investment. Doing so made the calculator look clean, simple, and easy to navigate which means that anyone, even without prior experience, can use the Investment Calculator. In addition, the current look and format of the calculator were based on the feedback and preferences of our users, which are property investors, deals sourcers, and the like. This means that if you are in any of those categories, or are just involved in the property industry, you will most likely find the calculator familiar and easy to use.

The calculator was purposefully designed to be as simple as possible while still being powerful enough to work the key figures of property investment.

What are the features of the Investment Calculator?

Work out the Key Figures In Property Investment

Property Store CRM's Investment Calculator can work out the following key figures in property investment:

  • Money In Money Out (MIMO) Offer

  • Return On Investment (ROI) for BTL

  • Cashflow per Calendar Month

  • Yield

  • Return On Investment (ROI) for Flip

  • Profit for Flip

Here is an example snippet of the figures the calculator worked out on a deal we were sourcing out in Leeds:

Figures that are calculated by Property Store Property Management CRM

Figures that are calculated by Property Store Property Management CRM

From the figures above, we can assume that the deal will not be suitable to flip since we are going to lose money. As such, we need to consider other property investment strategies for this deal or pass on it completely.

With the Investment Calculator, we can make informed decisions regarding our investment thereby reducing the risk of losing out on a deal.

Derive Basic Figures of the Deal

In addition to these figures, the calculator can also calculate other basic data for property investment such as:

  • Stamp Duty

  • Initial Deposit

  • Refinance/Remortgage Cash-Out

  • Money Left In the Deal

  • Mortgage Payments per Calendar Month

Simply plug in the usual numbers and all the figures will be calculated for you. Quite convenient if I say so myself.

Compartmentalised Exit Strategy

Want to further simplify the calculator? With Property Store CRM's Investment Calculator, you can choose your exit strategy by simply ticking boxes. The data fields and figures that will be shown to you are only for those relevant to that chosen exit.

For example, the reason why the "ROI Flip Sell" figure is shown is because the Flip Exit Box is ticked. This is also the reason for showing the expected profit.

Upper section of Property Store Property Management CRM's Investment Calculator

In the image above, the HMO exit is not ticked and as such, all expenses connected to an HMO are greyed out such as Service Charge PCM, and cannot be edited in the image below:

The BTL Exit of Property Store Property Management CRM's Investment Calculator
From the image, you can see that this section is all about the Buy-to-Let Exit only.

With these "safety" features in place, even a new property investor can accurately work out the figures of the deal. While veterans and the like can easily circumvent these safety nets for much more complicated strategies such as HMO. Due to implemented safeguards for common mistakes, we can proudly say that Property Store is lowering the barriers of entry into the industry for new property investors.

Property Store is lowering the barriers of entry into the industry for new property investors.

Bring the Investment Calculator Anywhere

Devices where you can access Property Store CRM
Property Store CRM can be accessed on any device so that you can conveniently update your figures during site visits.

Speaking of convenience, have you ever driven around a neighbourhood and found a rundown property that you think can be a good deal but you just don't have your spreadsheets with you? With Property Store, as long as you have your mobile device with you, you can access our Investment Calculator anywhere!

Calculator Figures and Data Fields are Linked Directly to the Deal

Have you mixed up the figures of the deals before? We've been there. Never confuse deals again with Property Store CRM's Investment Calculator where all the calculator data are linked directly to the deal!

Property Store Property Management CRM's Investment Calculator

As you can see from the image, the property "34 Colenso Road LEEDS" has its own separate investment calculator. This is true to all the deals that you place in your Pipeline. You may also notice that the deal has its own Tasks, Maintenance, Documents, Notes, etc. Though all of these are for a separate blog.

Is there any specific feature you want us to cover? Simply leave us a comment below and the most requested feature will be covered in the next blog.

How to Use the Investment Calculator?

While we built the calculator to be as simple as possible, we understand that it can be intimidating to use the first time around. As such, we have uploaded several videos covering all the features of Property Store such as the image below:

Screenshot of video training of the Investment Calculator of Property Store Property Management CRM

You may check out Property Store's training videos, where Jake will show you how to use the investment calculator. Simply scroll down and look for the Investment Calculator under Deal Sourcing.


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