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The No.1 Property Maintenance Software

Property Stores new Property App is quickly becoming the No.1 Property Maintenance Software out there!

How The Property App Works 

Never forget a task again!

It's the ideal property maintenance software. Property Stores powerful CRM task management makes it simple to stay on top of your most important activities so you never forget a task again.

task management tool
automated task reminders

Track everything in your personalised calendar

Access Property Store on any device, just like your own Property App.

Manage appointments, due dates and meetings with our calendar, fully integrated into our Property CRM Systems

CRM Property Management - Access all of Property Stores amazing features across Desktop, Tablet and mobile

Load new deals straight from our easy to use deal calculator

Tired of using spreadsheets? Use our proven calculator to quickly identify ROCE, Yield, Cashflow and much more! Then when you’re done, simply create a deal with the click of a button

Property store webpages v1_edited_edited.png
Property store webpages v1_edited_edited.png

Track your Deals End to End

Save important documents and link them to your deals

Made for deal sourcers and investors with big portfolios alike. Property Store is designed to give you confidence so that you can manage all of your leads and tenanted properties in the best property management CRM

Managing the paperwork of an ever-growing portfolio can be a messy affair. Let Property Store take the pain from this process by mapping all documents directly to your deals

investment calculator tool

Create and share new contacts

Store your Power Team, link them to deals and share them with others

web assets-16_edited.png

Effortlessly plan and manage your property viewings in once place

See all of your important data at a glance

We all know that planning a full day of property viewings is a logistical nightmare. So using the best CRM for property management, we’ve designed a feature to help you drag and drop your way to peak organisational prowess

View, add and track KPI’s from your Property Store Dashboard from any device and at anytime.

coaching tool
tenancy management

Take the stress out of managing your tenancies with our property maintenance software.

From HMO’s to BTL’s organise and maintain all of your tenancies in one location using Property Store - the best CRM for property management

Easily import your data from your current CRM

Upload a CSV into your Property CRM System for a simple way to import your data into Property Store

Are you a coach?

Our coaching feature will allow you to manage your coaching clients and book sessions in with them

import data from CRM

Your network is your net worth

Property Store - The best property management CRM - makes it easy to network with like minded property investors. Use our forums to share ideas, inspiration and contacts to help you build a network to envy

Community Connect-10.png
community connect portal
Community Connect-10.png

Automate Reminders and Follow ups in your property management CRM

Put your entire workflow on autopilot by creating custom reminders and task automations in your Property CRM System - Property Store

Manage your refurb projects with ease

Need to liaise with builders and project managers from your property management CRM? Fear no more, Property Store is here to help with our fully integrated Project Management Tool

Useful data at a glance

Never forget a task again!

Access on any device

Network with property investors

Save important documents

Easy to use deal calculator

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Writers Hand

Property Store

Property Maintenance Software

Always forgetting those 'must do' tasks? Our sophisticated task management makes it quick and simple to keep track of your most important activities and tasks. Track everything in the calendar that is customised for you. With our comprehensive calendar, you may manage appointments, due dates, and meetings.

Property App

Looking to use the software on your phone when you're out and about?

You can easily access all of Property Stores amazing features across Desktop, Tablet and mobile.

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