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Property Store: The Best Property Management CRM Software to Build Your Deals Pipeline

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Do you want to find more property deals? Do you want to make property management easier? Do you want to use the best property management CRM? If your answer to any of the question is 'YES!', then Property Store Property Management CRM Software is the tool for you.

There is no doubt that technology has played a key role in the recent boom of property business. Property Store, however, is a CRM dedicated exclusively to Property Portfolio Management and will help you from sourcing properties to managing your lettings. With a few clicks of a button, our amazing software allows you to do everything for your portfolio in order to make it easier for yourself. So what are you waiting for? The sooner that you start using this powerful software the better!

The Real Deal

Get Your Deals Pipeline Running With Property Store CRM. With Property Store achieving Financial Freedom through property investing is much easier than ever.

Property Store CRM is a powerful tool for managing your property portfolio. It's simple to get started and you can manage all your operations in one place. In this blog post, we will show you the following features and functions of Property Store:


Property Store can be accessed on any device! Whether its a Tablet, Desktop, or Mobile, Property Store will always be easily available to you. As such, you can conveniently bring Property Store to your any of your viewings allowing you to rerun the numbers, double check the figures, upload and download documents, check your calendar, and so much more!

Property Store can be accessed on any device: Mobile, Laptop, Tablet


Finding it hard to manage your portfolio? Track your Deals End to End! Made by property investors for property investors, Property Store is designed to give you confidence so that you can manage all of your leads and tenanted properties in a single system.

This image is a small portion of Property Store CRM Software's Deal Pipeline so that users can easily manage their pipeline.
Property Store CRM Software's Deal Pipeline


Data at a glance. This function allows you to quickly get high level insights on the status of your portfolio, tasks, projects, finances and appointments. Get briefed immediately with all the events in your portfolio while sipping your favorite morning beverage.


This section will show you how Property Store can help you stack deals quickly and also plan your property viewing route with ease.


Arranging a full day of viewing can be a logistical nightmare! Property Store's Property Viewing Manager will help you plot the most effective route for optimal time efficiency. Powered by Google, simply plot your appointments and let the CRM show you the latest time you need to depart to reach your destination on time.

Property Store's Property Viewing Manager will help you plot the most effective route for optimal time efficiency.

This image shows the Property Viewing Manager of Property Store that will recommend the most optimal route and departure time to reach your destination on time.
Property Store CRM Software's Property Viewing Manager


Arguably Property Stores' most powerful tool, load new deals straight from our easy to use deal calculator. Tired of using spreadsheets? Use our proven calculator to quickly identify ROCE, Yield, Cashflow and much more! Then when you’re done, simply create a deal with the click of a button.

The features of the investment calculator include but are not limited to:

  • Yield Calculator

  • Stamp Duty Calculator

  • Money In Money Out

  • Mortgage Stress Test

  • Mortgage Monthly Rates

  • Monthly Cashflow

We're not done yet! You can also choose your exit strategy and the calculator will show you only the figures relevant for that exit.

This image shows the figures that are automatically calculated by Property Store's Investment Calculator based on the chosen exit strategy.
Property Store CRM Software's Investment Calculator

In addition, the data fields are separated based on the exit. This means that if you are not looking to flip, you don't need to fill in the numbers for that exit.

This image shows the collapsible data fields for the 2 most common exit strategy in property investing.

If you are not looking to flip, you don't need to fill in the numbers for that exit.


Never forget a task again! Our powerful task management makes it simple to stay on top of your most important activities. You can create tasks for anything that you want to do such as:

  • Find a tenant

  • View Property

  • Inspect an area

  • Create a Property Profile

  • Project management

  • Chase up offers

  • Contact vendors

  • Update investors

We even got a user that used Property Store to remind him of his wedding anniversary!

Overall, the software will send you reminders so that nothing slips through the cracks. This makes sure that your properties are always in great condition and tenants are happy! No more missed deadlines or forgotten tasks.


Take the stress out of managing your tenancies. From HMO’s to BTL’s organise and maintain all of your tenancies in one location with our Tenancy Management Hub. You'll be able to assess and score prospective tenants, making it easier to compare candidates. We also included a rent tracker so that you won't miss any of your profits.


Property Store was designed to be the one stop shop for all your operational needs in mind. This section is where we will showcase the administrative functions of Property Store.

The image is a pile of documents stored in a messy way. With Property Store, you no longer need to store them this way.
With Property Store, you can now throw out all those messy and unorganised folders. (After uploading, of course!)


Create and share new contacts. Store your Power Team, link them to deals and share them with others. You can create contacts for your builder, agent, tenant, etc. For coaches, you can create contacts for your students and track their remaining coaching sessions.

Your network is your net worth. Property Store makes it easy to network with like minded property investors. Use our forums to share ideas, inspiration and contacts to help you build a network to envy.


Have multiple properties and can't remember which bill is for which? The Utility hub was made for this exact problem. Track all your bills using our dedicated utility tracking feature!

Property Store allows you to upload your utilities to the CRM to make it easier for you to carry them around as long as you have your mobile device. We highly encourage you to utilize this feature especially with the age of paperless bills. Once uploaded, you no longer need to undergo the hassle of storing, organizing, and then remembering where you placed them.


Save important documents and link them to your deals. Managing the paperwork of an ever-growing portfolio can be a messy affair. With Property Store, you can map all your documents directly to the property or deal removing the pain from this process.

This image shows Property Store Property Management CRM Software's Document Manager and how it can be used to map a document directly to the property.

With Property Store, you can map all your documents directly to the property or deal


Track everything in your personalised calendar. Manage appointments, due dates and meetings with our fully integrated calendar. Get a visual overview of your daily, weekly and monthly schedule. Networking


Do you want to track all of your expenses down to fuel costs when you drove to view the property? Worry not as have just the tool for you! Our Expense Tracker will allow you account even for the tiniest bit of expense associated with the deal if you choose to do so. You can even map images to the expense so you can upload the receipts as proof.

8. Export & Importing Data

Got a massive portfolio? Worry not! Easily import your data from your current CRM to Property Store. We've got templates for you that you can fill in with your property details and simply upload it back to Property Store.


If you are looking to find more property deals, Property store can be a valuable tool. With just the click of your mouse, you'll have access to all of your properties in one place via our software that is designed for managing and maintaining every aspect of your portfolio.

This powerful CRM solution will allow you to keep track of tenant data and even map out an entire day's worth of viewings with ease.

By using this software as part-of or instead-of another CRM platform, You’ll never miss another deadline again! Contact us today if you want to find out more.


Want a free trial? Sign up now and get your first week free!

Still not convinced? Click here to attend our free webinar where we will show you how Property Store can support you in your property investing business.

Want to see more? Head over to our features page where we recorded a live demo that you can watch to see Property Store in action.

Got a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page for answers to common concerns or you can contact us here.


Want to see how technology is helping businesses? Check out our blog about ways technology is making businesses better to see how you can utilize technology further for your business.


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