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UK STAMP DUTY LAND  TAX (SDLT) Calculator 2023

Stamp Duty Land Tax is a significant cost associated with buying property in the UK, and it is important for investors to understand the tax and how it may affect their transaction. You may check the current stamp duty rates on our Stamp Duty Calculation for Investment Properties 2023 blog or you can check the government website.

Do you want a convenient calculator that is up to date with Stamp Duty rates? Say no more! We've got the perfect solution for you. Property Store Property Management CRM! has an investment calculator that can be used to easily calculate property investment figures such as Stamp Duty, ROCE/ROI, Rental Yield, and much more!

Sample Deal Calculator of Property Store

Property Store CRM's Investment Calculator will automatically calculate Stamp Duty and other key figures in property investing. Our calculator will make it simple for anyone to stack their deals and manage their rental properties.

What Our Users Say

I’ve used really complex pipelines in the past. I'm loving Property Store so far. I’m loving the KanBan view. This is so good for me to be able to visually see where I'm at with different deals. 
Paul Cummins,
Love life properties
Property store has been a game changer for me. I no longer have to open up multiple spreadsheets to track viewings and offers. Property Store allows me to be more organised and it has a brilliant automatic notification feature to remind me about various tasks.
Pinnacle Homes Manchester

Over the years I have used many different property management tools but not so specifically built for the investor and sourcer. The interface is intuitive, is seamless and there are new features being added all the time to keep it relevant to today’s fast paced marketplace.

Melanie Maclean,
National Property Sourcers

So, how can Property Store help you?

Property Store is a CRM dedicated exclusively to Property Portfolio Management. We believe in making things simpler for Property Professionals, from Sourcing Deals to looking after your Lettings. Property Store is the 'One Stop Shop' for all of your operational needs.

Network with property investors

Save important documents

Easy to use deal calculator

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our All-in-one Property Solution

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