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Ten Tips for Increasing Productivity in the Office

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Productivity is a big buzzword in today’s world. The idea that you can do more and be more by working smarter and not harder has become an obsession for many people. Productivity is also something that we should take seriously as businesses and companies want to hire only the most productive employees because they know it will save them time and money in the long run.

Productive people are able to get things done faster so their day goes quicker than someone who isn't as productive or doesn't have a good work ethic.

Definition of productivity

If you're looking for ways on how to increase productivity, then this blog might be just what you need! We've compiled some tips from professionals with years of experience to help you when it comes to productivity...

Mindset is important!

Our first tip is about having the right mindset when it comes to productivity. Productivity isn't all about time management but also how you think and act in your day-to-day life which will affect how productive you are.

Mindset is important because it can be the reason for success or failure.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and unable to take on anything else, it’s because I believe that no matter what I do, it will not make a difference. And when that happens, my productivity decreases significantly.

On the other hand, when I have a growth mindset and think that any amount of effort can make a big difference, then my productivity increases considerably.

Set Smart Goals

Tip two is all about setting goals for yourself every week, month or even year depending on what works best for you personally. There's no wrong way of doing it! You can set goals for your personal and professional life or you might want to focus only on work.

To make sure that your goals are SMART, keep these five criteria in mind:

Image shows the word "smart"
Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T.
  • Specific - goals must be clearly defined

  • Measurable - so we know when we’ve accomplished them

  • Achievable - doable within a certain time frame, they shouldn't be too easy or too hard to accomplish

  • Realistic - based on your situation, not someone else’s

  • Timely/Time bound - they must have an end date in order for us to know when we’re done

It might take some time to get used to setting goals but once you do, they can be a fantastic tool for increasing productivity.

Manage your environment

Tip three is about working in a comfortable environment while that doesn't mean you have to go out and buy yourself an ergonomic chair that costs hundreds of pounds. Productivity is about your mental state, not the office supplies you use!

However, that doesn't mean you should sit in an uncomfortable chair and suffer because of it either. Productivity is about what works for YOU as long as those things don’t distract you from your work!

It's also important to manage the environment around us by throwing away all those little distractions like sticky notes with random messages on them. Productivity is about giving your full attention to the task at hand and not letting yourself be distracted by outside elements that might seem ‘harmless’ but are actually quite annoying when they do distract you!

Sleep matters

An adorable kitten is sleeping

Tip four is about taking care of yourself and getting enough sleep every night. Productive people make sure they get at least six hours of sleep every night and don’t let themselves be tempted to work all through the night. Productivity is about working smarter, not harder!

If you're an insomniac like me then here are some tips on how to fall asleep faster:

  • Don't eat or drink anything three hours before going to bed

  • Use the bed only for sleeping and... other things of course

  • Don't read or watch TV in your bedroom because it can interfere with sleep later on.

If you wake up during the night, don’t worry about falling asleep again immediately! If I can't fall back to sleep within ten minutes then I get out of bed and do something relaxing like reading a book or listening to some soothing music.

Isolation is key

Tip five is about working on your own and not together in a group. Productive people know that sometimes you need to get away from the noise of other co-workers so that you can focus better. Productivity is about working smarter, not harder!

I know that there are people who can work better in groups and together with others but if you prefer to be on your own then make sure you ask for some alone time.

Time management

Hourglass with white sand

Tip six is about time management and setting up alarms for yourself throughout the day (or night depending on when you work) to make sure everything gets done by deadline or within the specific timeframe given.

If you’re forgetful like me and set a lot of alarms for yourself (which goes back to the whole ‘insomnia thing I was talking about earlier) then make sure all your devices are in sync with each other. Productivity is also about knowing what needs to be done and when.

Be concise

Tip seven is about talking less while more productive people talk only if they have something important to say, keeping their conversations short and concise rather than long and rambling like most unproductive people do!

If you can say it in half the amount of words then do. Productivity is about not wasting time and effort on unnecessary words.

Technology is your friend

Our next tip is about using technology to your advantage. Productive people are constantly on the go making it easy for them to connect with other co-workers and clients or just plan out their day in a better way. Productivity is helped by being able to keep track of things so you know exactly what’s going on at any given moment through technology apps.

Property Store is a key example that provides users with an easy to manage property management solution. Click here to learn more.

Social media is the death of productivity

Blurred Facebook app icon.
Social Media is a great way to connect but also kills productivity.

Tip nine talks about not spending too much time browsing social media sites like Facebook or Twitter because they aren't productive platforms. Even though some may argue that there's nothing wrong with taking five minutes every now and then to catch up on news, stopping yourself from doing it will help you immensely when it comes to productivity.

Let's face it: social media sites aren't productive platforms because they can be quite distracting to the average user who might waste hours browsing instead of working or doing something else that could actually help them in their career.

Finally... Take a break!

Finally, we couldn't end this post without talking about taking a break from time to time. Productive people know that it’s important to take breaks every now and then whether they consist of going for a walk, grabbing some fresh air or just sitting down with a cup of coffee/tea which lets their brain relax before jumping back into work again.


Productivity is about knowing what needs to be done and when. Productive people are constantly on the go making it easy for them to connect with other co-workers or just plan out their day in a better way. Productivity is helped by being able to keep track of things so you know exactly what’s going on at any given moment through technology apps.


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